Love Music, Hate Racism

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Love Music, Hate Racism

Last year the HOPE Not Hate Society launched a very successful anti-fascist campaign during the lead up to the European Elections. Although Leicester is famed for being a beacon of British Multiculturalism, and rightly so, the threat of fascist organisations in certain inner city areas cannot be ignored, especially as the city is seen as a National Front stronghold (The British National Party currently have an elected councillor sitting on the Leicestershire County Council)! We only have to look back at the Oldham riots a few years ago to see the horrors of what could be.

Prior to the elections certain racist and homophobic political parties looked very favourable to win a seat in the East Midlands. Over the course of two weeks our students, door-to-door, delivered anti-fascist leaflets to 20,000 homes

it played a significant role in making sure that these racists were no longer a threat to the fantastic and tolerant spirit of the Leicester community.

Although the Union cannot run such a direct political campaign, due to funding regulations, we want to honour and encourage the fantastic work of our students here at Leicester. However, that doesn’t mean that YOU can’t get involved in some small way. Feel free to stop and ask any of the people in LMHR t-shirts during freshers’, ask what is going on, or follow them on facebook

The launch night of this campaign is going to be the freshers’ welcome party, so make sure you get one of the free t-shirts we’ll be giving out to show your support! It is going to be one FANTASTIC celebration of modern Britain.

Campaign timetable-

Monday – LMHR launch night
Tuesday – Screening of “This Is England” in  Room 2 (19:00) followed by Global (International night)
Thursday – “Horrors of the Fascist Threat”, short talk given at Come & Try Student Council by a member of Searchlight (and former BNP activist [NB David, not sure if we should be mentioning that?])
Whole Week – HnH Stall in Queen’s Hall Foyer