Demand Extra

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Demand Extra

NUS Extra is the definitive student discount card with a range of exclusive discounts, offers and competitions designed to make student life more exciting, more memorable and more rewarding.

Use it to make your money go further on books, clothes, sports stuff, CDs, travel, computer gear, gigs, eating out…

Exclusive discounts just for students

We’ve got discounts on the essential things in life and some great savings on life’s little luxuries as well. All of our discounts are exclusive to NUS Extra cardholders, you won’t be able to access any of these great deals without your card. So Demand Extra now and get excited by our great range of discounts.

We think you’ll be quite impressed with the money you could save and as we constantly update and add new offers throughout the year the benefits just keep on growing.

Card Upgrades

Now offering all purchases of NUS Extra the chance to upgrade to include the International Students Identity Card for only £1. Usually costing £9, the ISIC card offers discounts in over 140 countries worldwide.

12 months of discount heaven

The NUS Extra is valid between 01 September 2009 and 31 August 2010 so there’s loads of time to save cash with your card.

What does it cost?

NUS Extra costs just £10, not bad for something that’s going to save you a whole load of cash throughout the year. You can also upgrade your card and include ISIC for an additional £1.

Only students can Demand Extra.

Only students can get hold of an NUS Extra. Either buy direct from here and collect your card from your place of study, or go down there and ask to purchase the card.

The card is sold to you by your students’ union or place of study, so they will be able to deal with any queries you may have.

The important thing is you have to be a current student, so if you’re studying at the moment and you want to apply online now for your card, you just need a credit or debit card and a photo on your PC that you can upload to our site.

If you buy online, then you will need to take proof of your student status to your place of study in order to collect your card as they will need to verify that you are a current student.

Buy it here!