Students’ Guide to Getting Started

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Students’ Guide to Getting Started


If you do have any issues concerning your course talk to your Academic Affairs Sabbatical Officer, Alex Smith, in the Students’ Union. If you do want to change a module or change your course, the deadline for doing so is 09-10-09. This only gives you 2 weeks. Talk to someone in your Department about your decision and getthe relevant forms from them or from Registry. Go and get acquainted with the David Wilson Library. Not only is it the home of Learning support, but also of the Accessibility Centre, an essential point of call for students with either physical or learning disabilities. It‘s a good idea to register with the University Health Centre on Welford Road. Don’t wait till you get ill!

You will be bombarded with information at the beginning of term. Date and file it for later. It’s really important to keep track of everything you are given by your Department so you can refer to it when needed. Keep a paper trail!

Key People

Early on your personal tutor will get in contact with you via e-mail.

We strongly recommend that you get to know them! They are there to provide advice and support and it could prove useful to have them on side. If the relationship isn’t working you can ask to change your personal tutor. Find out who your Course Representative is, they can help you too.

Good communication links between you and your department are vital. Let people know if you are having problems.

Finally, go and talk to the Sabbatical team! You’ll find them in the Students’ Union.